One should distinguish

Between a dictatorial democracy,

Or a democracy imposed upon the people

And run on a totalitarian basis,

And a democratic dictatorship,

Or a dictatorship that is voted into power

By popular consent.

Dictatorial democracy pertains to right-wing communism,

Democratic dictatorship to left-wing fascism,

The difference, traditionally, between

Soviet Communism and National Socialism.

But neither of these should be confounded

With a dictatorship, purely and simply,

That is imposed upon the people without their consent.

Such dictatorships aren't fascist but military,

And thus a form of attenuated autocracy,

Beneath the pale of a genuine ideology.

Whatever one may think of Nazism,

It was no military dictatorship,

But a democratic dictatorship

Established by popular consent.

And the same should apply to the future attainment

Of Social Transcendentalism to power

In countries, hopefully, like Eire,

Except that, unlike Nazism, the ideology

Of what is potentially a true world (global) religion

Would only be dictatorial to the extent

That its leader - recognized in advance as

The most genuine approximation to the Second Coming

And duly granted the freedom to utilize the State

For theocratic ends - was bearing such 'sins of the world'

As the electorate had fobbed-off onto him

In return for religious sovereignty, and hence

The right to spiritual self-realization

In what would effectively become,

Under Social Transcendentalist auspices,

The 'Kingdom of Heaven' which had been awaited

For so long by the faithful in hope of the Resurrection

And its promise of Eternal Life - the life of the spirit

Granted maximum emphasis and longevity

Through the brain's ultimately being artificially supported

And no-less artificially sustained in the collectivized

Contexts of a post-Human Millennium.