If films are the antithetical equivalent of dreams,

Then trips are the antithetical equivalent

Of natural visions, an electron-biased

As opposed to a proton-biased

Atomic-wavicle equivalent,

Internal as opposed to external,

Centripetal instead of centrifugal,

An affair of the superconscious,

Not of the subconscious, a supernatural

Rather than a subnatural experience, requiring

Not fasting but ... synthetic hallucinogens like LSD

To activate them in a superwakefulness

Of visionary contemplation.

Morally preferable to the antinatural film

Of an electron-particle equivalent,

And spiritually superior to the natural visions

Of the Catholic mystic, tripping

Is the ultimate form of visionary experience,

Beyond which only the pure mind

Of the meditating self can lead one higher ...

Towards the Beyond of ultimate divinity

And the essential inner-light

Of an electron-wavicle equivalent,

The New Heaven of the Holy Spirit

Instead of the New Earth of the Blessed Virgin,

But a New Heaven that can only arise

From the New Earth, and hence

The apparent inner-light of the trip -

Bureaucracy and theocracy in

A Social Theocratic partnership that will extend into

The supertheocratic purism of the Holy Spirit alone!




LONDON 1985 (Revised 1986-2012)


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