447. Primacy is the scourge of the contemporary world, a scourge in which the female is free to give and/or do not on a subponderating basis, as with supremacy, but on a predominating basis in which, due to liberated primacy, both politics and science are able to give and/or do the most.


448. Only when sensible supremacy is brought back onto the world agenda, though obviously in a new and altogether higher mode ... with the dawn of 'Kingdom Come', will the male be delivered from female freedom to take and/or be not on a subdominating basis, as with primacy, but on a preponderating basis, commensurate with the positivity of supremacy.


449. But those whom I have provisionally earmarked, in successive texts, for 'Kingdom Come' ... conceived, initially, in relation to a prospective Gaelic Federation of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales ... would not be British (as customarily defined by me in relation to England and Anglo-Irish, Anglo-Scottish, and Anglo-Welsh extrapolations thereof) or American in any case, since neither England-dominated Britain nor America could, at this point in time, achieve an ultimate order of sensible supremacy, but, on the contrary, Gaels of one persuasion or another.


450. One must first be at least nominally Christian - and preferably Catholic - to be in with a chance of progressing from the binding of form to the binding of content(ment) in due course, abandoning a sensible vegetative fulcrum for a sensible airy one.


451. For although there is a connection, in Christianity, with the Subchristianity, as it were, of sensual air via the airwaves, it is not the fulcrum of devotion but simply a theocratic aside to what is actually a plutocratic mean in cerebral vegetativeness.


452. Thus the Christian is in a position to abandon the Subchristianity of aural sensuality for the Superchristianity of respiratory sensibility, thereby effectively abandoning music for meditation.


453. Anyone who is into Subchristianity or its Judaic equivalence on a hard-line basis ... would be less disposed to abandon aural sensuality for respiratory sensibility, for he would be too locked-in to a submasculine deference towards the superfeminine 'First Mover' and its metachemical domination of sensual metaphysics.


454. For that which is hard-line submasculine stands to the superfeminine as David to Saul, being part-and-parcel of the same 'once-born' system which remains locked-in to itself, come what may.


455. And what applies to sensual supremacy applies even more to sensual primacy, where communism, centred in solar negativity, is vulnerable to a Leninist and/or Stalinist take-over and domination which subordinates the solar plane to the stellar one in Bible-like fashion.


456. For while communism turns against Christ, and hence the vegetative 'rebirth' of cerebral sensibility, it remains deferential, on a satanic basis, towards the Jehovahesque plane, so to speak, of stellar primacy, bowing to autocracy from a largely theocratic (Marxist) point-of-view.


457. For the fulcrum of theocracy is not in vegetative sensibility, and hence Christ, but in airy sensuality, and hence either the Father in relation to Christ or, in the un-Christian event of the latter being rejected, Satan in relation to what precedes Satan, viz. Jehovah, or some such autocratic equivalence.


458. For that which is submasculine cannot exist independently of either masculine or superfeminine factors, but, in abandoning the one, will be subject to the dominion of the other, a dominion not of man but of superwoman, and hence of the autocratic 'First Mover'.


459. Rejecting the vegetative sensibility of plutocracy, for which it is wrongly, in my view, regarded as atheist, communism becomes the theocratic victim of the fiery sensuality of autocracy, and remains locked-in, in hard-line submasculine fashion, to the Superheathen rule of metachemical primacy.


460. Thus in both sensual supremacy and sensual primacy, hard-line submasculinity is fated to remain under the ruling thumb of superfemininity, like David under Saul or Satan under Jehovah, and the result is the perpetual subjection of transcendentalism to fundamentalism in the case of sensual supremacy, and of idealism to materialism in the case of sensual primacy.


461. Only a rejection of hard-line submasculinity can pave the way for supermasculinity and deliverance, in consequence, from the evil rule of superfemininity, with its fundamentalist and/or materialist sensuality.