(From a journal by the writer Jeff Stafford)


3rd May, 1982.

      I often wonder whether those so-called Black Holes in space, to which astronomers often draw our attention these days, are really collapsed stars, as is supposed, and not Spiritual Globes tending towards ultimate unity in some transcendental Beyond.  Would a collapsed star really leave a black hole behind, I ask myself?  And, despite my respect for professional opinion, I remain sceptical.  The Universe is undoubtedly a strange place, but is it necessarily as strange as some authoritative people would have us believe?  I mean why, for instance, should Multiple Universes come to supplant the old universe, which, in any case, is probably the only one?  I cannot, as yet, find a satisfactory answer to this question, since there is no clear evidence that Multiple Universes do in fact exist, even though some people now talk of them.


4th May.

      Yes, the thought grows on me that Black Holes could well be Spiritual Globes rather than collapsed stars.  After all, there is no reason (short of ignorance) to assume that transcendent spirit, to which certain more advanced life-forms could already have given rise, is necessarily bright and shiny, like a star.  If you associate God with the Clear Light of the Void, then you might think so.  But, to me, God ... as a condition of supreme being ... is essence rather than appearance, and therefore not something that could be seen.  In fact, God isn't a 'something' at all, and so the term 'Clear Light of the Void' seems to me inadequate for defining what would be a state of supreme being in a consummate mind.


5th May.

      You cannot really see a Black Hole, even through the most powerful telescope, but only a void that appears denser than the surrounding void of space.  Doubtless, the Spiritual Globes tending towards one another in the transcendental Beyond would be different from space - a presence of pure spirit in each globe that might well suggest, to an inquisitive telescoped eye, a denser void than the void surrounding it.  After all, there could be no greater antithesis than that between the stars, as the most primal doing, and these hypothetical Spiritual Globes, as the ultimate being - except, perhaps, the numerical antithesis between stars as multiple and, when all Spiritual Globes have finally converged together into one ultimate Spiritual Globe, the Omega Absolute as indivisible.  But that would be a quantitative difference, whereas the former is qualitative, as between doing and being.


6th May.

      Apparently the position of these Black Holes in space is constantly changing, so that a kind of kaleidoscopic pattern appears against the void to suggest to some astronomers and scientists the possibility of Multiple Universes.  Again, my old scepticism leaps to the fore and I wonder whether a collapsed star would really need to change its position in the aforementioned manner, thereby giving rise to the analogy with a kaleidoscope?  But if a Black Hole was really a Spiritual Globe instead of a collapsed star, then their constant changes of position would make more sense to me, since it would be in the order of Spiritual Globes to converge towards one another in an ever-growing process of drawing towards ultimate oneness in the final Spiritual Globe of ... the Omega Absolute.  Those constant changes of position in space which Black Holes are alleged to undergo would thus signify the convergence of pure spirit towards larger wholes, and would accordingly have nothing whatsoever to do with the supposition of Multiple Universes, which is more than likely an aspect of contemporary scientific subjectivity, in conformity with the quasi-mystical requirements of the age.


7th May.

      I wrote yesterday that a convergence of transcendent spirit towards the objective of the Omega Absolute could already be happening on the transcendental plane, and am no less convinced today that this could actually be the case.  After all, there is no reason why a more advanced life-form than ourselves, elsewhere in the Universe, shouldn't already have attained to transcendence, and so have become Spiritual Globes.  Such a life form would have been at the superbeing stage of evolution ... as new brains artificially supported and sustained in maximum collectivization.  Every planet on which intelligent evolving life exists would sooner or later have to become populated by Superbeings, if transcendence was to be achieved.  Life would have to pass through the successive stages of post-human evolution throughout the Universe ... before Spiritual Globes became possible.  You cannot jump from the human level straight to the transcendental Beyond, no matter what the traditional ignorance of fools or superstitious people might suggest to the contrary!  Everything must await its proper time, and every life-sustaining planet pass through a post-human millennium ... before life can gravitate to that ultimate peak.


8th May.

      The transcendental Beyond is above and beyond the human, superhuman, and superbeing stages of evolution.  The stars don't exist in the transcendental Beyond but in space, which is timeless and void.  The stars are the roots of evolution, so to speak, and thus, in comparison with the sun, even the earth is a bit transcendent - a stalk on which the flower of humanity develops and must continue to develop through successive post-human life forms, before transcendence can be attained to in the bliss of pure spirit, which may well appear like a Black Hole from Earth.  For a Black Hole is certainly antithetical to a white presence, or star, and thereby suggestive of the furthest possible evolutionary remove from the stellar roots of the Universe.


9th May.

      Prior to me, humanity had no knowledge of Spiritual Globes, not knowing anything much about Supermen or Superbeings either.  Consequently one cannot be surprised that astronomers should interpret Black Holes as collapsed stars, since they do at least know something about stars and would therefore be inclined to relate a Black Hole to them.  But relating Black Holes to stars or, rather, to collapsed stars doesn’t explain why such stars should leave a black hole behind, nor why the hole so left must continue to change positions with other such holes in a seemingly never-ending kaleidoscopic pattern!  The lack of a transcendental perspective doesn't help to explain what does exist, but, on the contrary, leaves certain loose-ends and absurdities unaccounted for.


10th May.

      What really happens when a star collapses?  Does it become matter, like the moon, or does it fade into nothingness?  If the former, could one see it from millions of miles away, even with the help of a giant telescope?  If the latter, why should nothingness be perceptible as a dense void, or Black Hole?  For me, the latter likelihood takes precedence over the former one, though I cannot rule it out as an impossibility.  A star may collapse into a dense substance or it may explode into dust and eventual nothingness.  Either way, we're unlikely to see it as a Black Hole.  In fact, we're unlikely to see it at all!


11th May.

      But if a Black Hole really is a Spiritual Globe, how long will it take before evolution runs its course and reaches an eternal consummation in God, which is to say, the ultimate Spiritual Globe?  We cannot of course be certain, though we can hazard a guess that it will take millions of years, bearing in mind our own relative backwardness in regard to our pre-millennial status as human beings.  For there is no possibility of the Omega Absolute coming to pass until every life-sustaining planet throughout the Universe has delivered-up its quota of spirit to the transcendental Beyond, and all such quotas have converged towards one another to establish an ultimate unity - in complete contrast to the divergent nature of the numerous stars.  Evolution being a journey, as it were, from the Alpha Absolutes (of the stars) to the Omega Absolute (of the supreme level of being) via life-sustaining planets such as the earth, there can be no question of God truly coming to pass in the Universe before this ultimate unity has been achieved.  Only then will God be fully manifest - the quantitative and the qualitative coming together in a synthesis which transcends all opposites, the stars passing or having passed away ... to leave the void to the perfected being, whose condition is eternal bliss.  Perhaps that bliss will fill the ultimate Black Hole?