A Social Transcendentalist's favoured sexuality is not atomic, as between a proton woman and a bound-electron man, still less anti-atomic, as between two men, but ... post-atomic or, which amounts to approximately the same thing, of a free-electron integrity. There is, to be sure, a relativity involved, but it is decidedly post-atomic, as between the particle and wavicle sides of the electron. Social Transcendentalists are absolutist but, paradoxically, in a relative kind of way. They should alternate between the two sides of the electron, as between plastic inflatables, or 'sex dolls', and computer erotica - the former confirming a bodily (particle) approach to sex, albeit one that is supernatural; the latter confirming a mental (wavicle) approach to it, again of a supernatural bias. For women or, rather, quasi-supermen, vibrators should be substituted for 'sex dolls' and, in respect of mental sex, masculine rather than feminine erotica, that is to say, erotica involving a male model, should be the order of the day. Probably late-teenage juvenile erotica will come to replace the adult varieties in the course of post-atomic time, confirming a supra-natural as opposed to a merely supernatural integrity, as appropriate to a Centrist civilization. It is to be hoped that, with the second phase of the post-humanist millennium ... pertinent to Super-transcendentalism, such erotica will supersede any inflatable/ pornographic relativity, bringing supra-natural sex to a mental (wavicle) climax in ... pornographic absolutism. Thus whereas supermen will still have recourse to bodily sex, superbeings, their hypermeditating successors, will be above it, though not as far above it, paradoxically, as the superhuman brain collectivizations of the ensuing post-human millennium!

Be that as it may, the gradual progression away from natural sex will be endemic to theocratic Centrism, which will champion a supra-natural rather than a merely supernatural sexuality. If there is a link between plastic digital watches and sex, it could only be with regard to a mature teenage erotica, that comparatively new genre - relative to computer disc - succeeding the strictly adult varieties such that utilize persons of twenty-one or over. Nevertheless supernaturalism is morally preferable to naturalism, being a kind of petty-bourgeois sexuality in contrast to bourgeois sex, a fascistic as opposed to conservative integrity. It is the antithesis to subnatural sex, such as involves recourse to masturbation in a merely physical context - independently, in other words, of pornographic stimuli. Such purely masturbatory sex would be deeply frowned upon from a supernatural and/or supra-natural point of view, just as it is avoided, if not frowned upon, by naturalists, with their atomic compromise. Even the Catholic Church, that grand-bourgeois subnaturalism, condemns masturbation as the sin of Onan; though there are undoubtedly priests who are - or have been - its victims, living, as they do, in a subnatural way in priestly celibacy. No doubt, this keeps them closer to the Father, as does their ankle-length cassocks, those dress-like garments confirming a superfeminine integrity ... symptomatic of a deep-vaginal symbolism. Decidedly the proton side of things, against which the state, and hence bourgeois naturalism, rears its atomic head, as particle electrons set about wavicle protons in a heterosexual relativity of give-and-take, the man's penis sexually active within the woman's receptive vagina, corresponding to the DC side of atomic electricity, a direct-current flow of copulation culminating in orgasm. If subnatural masturbatory sex was (is) DC in reverse, a taking rather than giving, then natural sex most definitely drives it ahead into the woman, who gratefully receives the proffered charge of spermatic release, becoming part of the DC in orgasmic response.

But heterosexual relationships, like electricity, are relative, as between DC and AC, or alternating current, and we may equate the latter with conversation, that two-way give-and-take, as questions and answers, information and opinions, flow back and forth between partners. If DC corresponds to the Church, including the Protestant one, then AC is equivalent to the State and, in typical bourgeois relations, it will predominate over the former, cementing the physical relationship with the shared impressions and beliefs of the mental one, the former corresponding to the Protestant Church, the latter to its political concomitance in the Democratic State, itself divisible into give and take, capitalism and socialism, plutocracy and bureaucracy.

However, as the State evolves, it follows that the AC will increasingly predominate over the DC in marital and other relationships, so that, from a liberal balance between give-and-take, we find, through Democratic Socialism and/or Social Democracy, a progressive imbalance on the side of taking, relative to an escalation of bureaucratic socialism. And the same applies to sexual relationships, as physical sex goes into decline, one way or another, and conversation becomes increasingly prevalent, even to the point where it apparently necessitates a switch from women and men, in heterosexual relations, to men only, as homosexual criteria take over, with the sexual concomitant of the further decline of physical sex in outright anal violation (assuming any physical sex may still be said to apply at all) with this point of AC hegemony, corresponding to a Marxist bureaucracy of preponderant taking. Not, in all fairness, that this AC near-absolutism is all-pervasive in contemporary Western or, indeed, any other society. For while homosexuals very definitely exist, they're not in the majority where sexual and/or social habits are concerned. If they are equivalent, in political terms, to a Marxist purism, or left-wing Communism, we should not forget that all other shades of political, not to mention sexual, identification still exist in the West, particularly in Britain, with its unbroken democratic traditions stretching back several centuries. Similarly, Marxist bureaucracy, as applying to the Welfare State, co-exists with Conservative plutocracy, and will doubtless continue to do so until history may decide otherwise.

However, if the development of alternating current at the expense of direct current has characterized the State's evolution, we will find that the emergence within the modern, pluralist state of Centrist, or supernatural, tendencies has given a new lease-of-life to DC, with particular reference to the sexual use of pornography and plastic inflatables, so that sexual giving has come for some people, still perhaps a minority, to replace either DC/AC relativity or AC absolutism, if, indeed, 'replace' is the correct word. In other words, they consistently partake of a supernatural giving vis--vis the artificial sex-partners of their choosing, whether with regard to a particular pornographic model or, alternatively, their favourite, if not only, plastic inflatable. Conversation between the supernaturalists and their artificial partners is necessarily ruled out (at any rate, as a rule), and a superior DC absolutism than the subnatural masturbatory purism is the inevitable result, corresponding to a fascistic integrity. And yet, if a petty-bourgeois folksy integrity suits some people - at present only a comparatively small minority - it should not be forgotten that a specifically petty-bourgeois right-wing sexual integrity will also suit some people, probably not such a small minority, in which DC tends to predominate over AC, or physical sex over conversation, though not simply in terms of coitus but, rather, with regard to oral sex, especially fellatio, which, in contrast to cunnilingus, confirms a masculine bias, suitable to a petty-bourgeois age. Having one's penis 'sucked off' by a liberated female is not only a pleasurable experience for the person concerned, but one that reflects male domination and, hence, the ascendancy, within a relative context, of the neutron side of an atomic divide, inducing an 'intellectualized' sexuality germane, in all probability, to an Ecological, or 'Green', political integrity.

Which is, after all, quite distinct from the bisexual anal-violation of a social democratic integrity and, so I contend, antithetical to the grand-bourgeois relative subnaturalism of a bias for cunnilingus, that Whiggish predecessor of heterosexual naturalism. No doubt, there is still a fair amount of tongue-oriented vagina-grovelling sex going on these days, whether because the people involved are - or consider themselves to be - grand-bourgeois types or whether because, whoever they may be, they are simply ignorant of the ideological implications of their behaviour ... I leave for others to decide. Suffice it to say that cunnilingus is not indicative of a masculine superiority and/or ascendancy but, on the contrary, is relative to a pre-bourgeois subatomic age, so that its continual indulgence smacks of the anachronistic, not to say absurd. A truly right-wing petty-bourgeois sex, in a liberal society, will always favour fellatio, appropriate to an Ecological as opposed to a Whiggish orientation. And it could be argued that a penis in a woman's mouth is a good way of preventing conversation, even if one cannot, in the relative nature of such a sexual integrity, keep it there all the sucking time but must succumb, sooner or later, if not to actual copulation then, at any rate, to actual conversation, whether or not about sex ... I again leave for others to decide. Only an extreme right-wing petty-bourgeois sex, relative to heterosexual pornography and/or inflatables, will be permanently elevated above AC relativity!

However, having stressed the fellatio aspect of Ecological sex at the expense of the coital aspect, and the cunnilingus side of Whiggish sex in the same way, I should belatedly point out that coitus is not the only side of Conservative sex, there being an oral side to it as well which, though such an argument may seem academic, we can estimate as approximating a balance between cunnilingus and fellatio, applicable to a bourgeois relativity. Thus moderate heterosexual sex also has its vaguely supernatural, or wavicle, side, albeit one stressing a balanced dualism appropriate to an atomic integrity ... in which proton-wavicle cunnilingus and neutron-wavicle fellatio complement the particle/wavicle relativity of actual copulation. Now actual copulation, whether conventional or otherwise, isn't something that can be divorced from other stages and types of 'fringe' sexual activity either, even the most extreme, including the supra-natural recourse to plastic inflatables, which, if it doesn't reflect a fascist integrity in bodily sex, must surely reflect a Centrist one, germane to a new civilization; though if inflatables and soft-core juvenile pornography would co-exist during a Social Transcendentalist phase of such a civilization, there would be a shift towards a wavicle absolutism with its Super-transcendentalist phase, thus rendering recourse to inflatables obsolete, as hard-core juvenile pornography, still of course relative to computer discs and involving consenting mature teenagers, increasingly came to the fore. Such supra-natural sex might alternatively be defined as supercultural, and I propose a new terminological strategy for distinguishing between the relative and absolute phases of Centrist sexuality, viz. supra-natural for the former and supercultural for the latter.

Furthermore, one should distinguish more closely between the supernatural and the supra-natural; for it seems to me that supernatural sex, corresponding to a petty-bourgeois folksy integrity, can likewise be divided into two phases, viz. a supernatural relativity between inflatables and soft-core adult pornography and, again at the risk of seeming unduly academic, a supernatural absolutism involving hard-core pornography alone, this latter tending to induce masturbation and thereby weakening the urge to copulate. So a classical fascistic sexuality, beyond the relativity of sex-doll copulation. Could it be, I wonder, that plastic inflatables modelled on adult women, with large breasts, correspond to a petty-bourgeois folksy sexuality, whereas a proletarian folksy or even folkish sexual integrity would require, in conjunction with soft-core juvenile pornography, that inflatables were modelled on teenage girls of between, say, sixteen and nineteen years of age, and thus had small breasts. Again, the distinction may seem academic, but it is, after all, between the supernatural and the supra-natural. So I shouldn't be at all surprised if sex dolls came, in the future, to level with supra-natural requirement.

But if the supra-natural is above and not just beyond the natural, then we need not doubt that it is the antithesis of that which, in pagan civilization, was beneath the natural, viz. the unnatural. Some people will doubtless be puzzled by such a term, but I use it to distinguish between the subnatural before the natural, pertinent to extreme grand-bourgeois criteria, and the very subnatural sexual behaviour which, with regard to pagan civilization, confirms an aristocratic integrity more beneath than before the natural. Thus while supernaturalism leads to supra-naturalism, so, at the opposite extreme, does unnaturalism lead to subnaturalism. Yet, contrary to fascist and centrist integrities, the relative does not lead to the absolute, as from supernaturalism to supra-naturalism, but the absolute leads to the relative, as from unnatualism to subnaturalism, germane to a stemming from the Father rather than, as in the former case, an aspiration towards the Holy Ghost.

So, to take the grand-bourgeois extremism appertaining to Cromwellian parliamentarianism first, we may note a progression from subnatural masturbation, with or without accompanying fantasies, to subnatural intercourse with young teenage girls ... in a kind of juvenile paedophilia. But beneath this, and preparatory to it, we will find an aristocratic extremism, appertaining to pagan criteria, of unnatural masturbation ... induced by erotic sculpture, leading in unnatural relative time to paedophilia, or the sexual violation of children, particularly young boys. Which would probably apply more to the ancient Greeks and Romans than, say, to certain very early pagan peoples, like the Egyptians and Assyrians, who would probably have been more given to bestiality, or intercourse with animals, particularly sheep, goats, dogs, and mules, though still disposed to children on occasion.

However, whatever the literal case, unnatural sex would have preponderated over natural sex for a majority of men; although, judging by the fact of procreation, they evidently still had time for natural sex as well! These days, by contrast, such unnatural intercourse (not to mention its subnatural successor) is beneath the bourgeois pale and subject, if indulged, to prosecution. We cannot reasonably expect either bestiality or paedophilia to be condoned, and it is extremely unlikely that intercourse with children will ever be legalized. The majority of people may not, as yet, be supernatural, still less supra-natural, but we're heading towards a supra-natural age when 'girlish' sex dolls and mature juvenile pornography will be the rule, as much above natural sex as erotic sculpture and paedophilia ... were beneath it.

Of course, these days there is quite a lot of left-wing homosexuality about. But sodomy, or sexual intercourse between men, is distinct from pederasty, or the anal violation of children - specifically boys. It's an anti-natural, not an unnatural, sexuality, deplorable from a supernatural (not to say supra-natural) point of view, but still relative to the age, and seemingly perfectly permissible within a liberal society. Only in a Centrist society would it, together with its right-wing counterpart of homosexual pornography, be illegal and subject, if pursued, to suppression. But, then, so would a number of other sexual integrities, including, ironically, the supernatural. And as the supra-natural increasingly came to the fore, so, as if to complement it, would artificial means of reproduction, entailing, amongst other things, the use of sperm banks and artificial insemination, thereby permitting adults to live absolutely independent lives on the level of supra-naturalism. The final sexual revolution may not be destined to occur for some time yet, but when it does ... being revolutionary will entail more than merely political extremism. The true revolutionary is extreme all along the line, and he must struggle mercilessly against sexual reaction ... no less than against every other kind of reaction!

Thus speaks Neil Tobin, sexual spokesperson for the Social Transcendentalist revolution.