1.††† A dualistic civilization can only tolerate truth in small doses, or diluted by illusion.


2.††† Women are society's natural conservatives - impeding change.


3.††† The Devil may have created woman, but man will create God (the Holy Spirit).


4.††† Women are akin to stars ... in that they attract men to themselves.However, their children shine, like moons, with a borrowed light - the light of maternal authority.


5.††† Man may be a slave of nature but he is also a rebel against it, and one day he will be its master, becoming supernatural.


6.††† Increasingly man will turn from natural drugs to artificial drugs.He will prefer upward self-transcendence in spirituality to downward self-transcendence in sensuality.


7.††† What, in physiological terms, the new brain is to the old one, in psychological terms the superconscious is to the subconscious.


8.††† Evolution proceeds from the Alpha Absolute(s) to the Omega Absolute via the sensual/spiritual compromise which is man.


9.††† In an absolute there is no dualism whatsoever, not even the slightest hint of an antithesis.


10.†† No two absolutes could be farther apart than the Alpha, which is Manifold, and the Omega, which will be One.They signify the extremes of evolution, and are accordingly antithetical in every respect.


11.†† Post-dualistic man won't confound the Devil with God, or vice versa.There will be no ambivalence or ambiguity in his religious sense.


12.†† The Devil exists, but God is in the making - a potential culmination to evolution rather than an existent fact.


13.†† There is no reason why atheism should prevent one from believing in the Devil.For the Devil most certainly exists - albeit in the non-figurative guise of stars.


14.†† Evolution is a journey, so to speak, from the unclear light of stars to the clear light of transcendent spirit.


15.†† Christ is a relative, anthropomorphic deity relevant to an egocentric stage of evolution.


16.†† A Christian is entitled to claim that God exists, insofar as he is referring to the god of the Christians, viz. Jesus Christ. But this relative deity is a long way from being the absolute divinity of ... the Omega Absolute.


17.†† The natural state of relations between the sexes is normally one of disharmony, not harmony, since women are less spiritual but more sensual than men.


18.†† In the so-called war of the sexes, men are slowly gaining the upper-hand.One day they will effectively vanquish women altogether.


19.†† Small minds invariably find genius abhorrent.


20.†† Technology will be the materialistic means via which the spiritual end ... of transcendence ... may be attained.


21.†† Without the assistance of advanced technology, no amount of meditation will carry one's spirit to the transcendental Beyond - the salvation which will come to pass at the culmination of evolution rather than in any posthumous heaven.


22.†† The traditional doing of the West will be placed in the service of the traditional being of the East as, increasingly in the future, East and West come together into one civilization - the transcendental civilization of post-dualistic man.


23.†† To live for the mere sake of living, without reference to the evolutionary struggle and its moral implications, is to live not as a man but as a beast - uncivilized, and therefore wild.


24.†† These days women are becoming so masculinized ... that it is expedient both to regard and treat them as men - albeit lesser ones.


25.†† The cult of unisex is but a reflection of the post-dualistic development of contemporary society.So, to a lesser extent, is the growth of homosexuality.


26.†† Pornography, in encouraging sexual sublimation, is a transitional phenomenon coming in-between literal sex and the eventual complete overcoming of sex ... in post-dualistic transcendentalism.


27.†† Nietzsche wrote that 'Man is something that should be overcome', which is true.But before he overcomes himself, man must first overcome woman ... in accordance with the post-dualistic requirements of evolutionary progress.


28.†† When the natural body has been superseded by an artificial support-and-sustain system for the brain, then man or, rather, his superhuman successor will be in the highest phase of earthly evolution - a phase in which essence will preponderate over appearance to such an extent ... that one might characterize it as supermasculine.


29.†† What essentially distinguishes a man from a woman isn't so much the brain ... as the psychology imposed upon it by the body's sex.Thus a woman's brain would become masculine or, at any rate, less feminine if deprived of a female body.


30.†† One is a 'he' or a 'she' because one isn't an absolute but a combination of sensual (feminine) and spiritual (masculine) elements.An absolute can only be an 'it'.


31.†† The relative, anthropomorphic god of the Christians, viz. Jesus Christ, is necessarily a 'he', since He is relevant to a dualistic stage of evolution.The literal, absolute deity that should emerge from the climax to evolution will be an 'it' - as suggested by the term 'the Holy Spirit'.


32.†† Hence if the Devil is an 'it' because of its absolute sensuality, God will be an 'it' because of its absolute spirituality - the former, remember, as the stars, and therefore Manifold; the latter as transcendent spirit, and therefore One.


33.†† Every development which makes for greater unity in the world - and therefore greater world unity - should be encouraged; for it is good.


34.†† Socialism is the material foundation upon which the erection of the transcendental civilization will take place.


35.†† By itself socialism can't lead to the transcendental Beyond.It can only lead to millennial civilization, since it is a materialistic phenomenon, and where materialism ends the spirit must take over.


36.†† We haven't ceased being idealistic.We have simply decided to apply a more realistic approach to our idealism.


37.†† Realism is of little account unless, ultimately, it serves the cause of idealism.


38.†† The post-human(ist) millennium will signify the maximum spiritual striving to attain to the transcendental Beyond.A time when men will be free from materialism and able to attend to the exclusive cultivation of spirit which their advanced technology had made possible.


39.†† The post-human millennium will be the higher phase of the transcendental civilization, the lower phase being a combination of socialism and transcendentalism - in other words, Social Transcendentalism.


40.†† The totalitarian socialism between the end of dualistic civilization and the beginning of post-dualistic civilization ... is the new barbarism - a largely communist phenomenon traditionally.


41.†† Civilization begins where barbarism ends - with the adoption of a relevant religion.


42.†† Pre-dualistic civilization was pagan, dualistic civilization is Christian, and post-dualistic civilization will be transcendental - an evolutionary progression from the Father to the Holy Spirit via Christ, Who, while being 'Three in One', and thus dualistic, is less alpha than the Father and less omega than the Holy Spirit.


43.†† The Father is a Christian euphemism for the infernal Creator, i.e. the Devil, in response to the diluted truth of dualism.


44.†† But, being dualistic, Christianity sometimes eschews the Father in favour of an antithesis between Satan and Christ - the former taking the place of the Father and the latter that of the Holy Spirit.


45.†† Our modern endeavour to prolong human life is indicative of an evolutionary struggle towards eternity.


46.†† At death the spirit ceases because it is defeated by the mortality of the flesh.We, however, wish to save the spirit but, because we lack the means, i.e. technology, to do so at present, must be content with prolonging the flesh as long as possible.


47.†† The fact that we now live longer is proof of our growing power over the flesh.Eventually we will live for ever, though not in this world but in the millennial Beyond - the next one.


48.†† A brain artificially supported and sustained would have a much longer life-span than one supported and sustained naturally, in or through the flesh.Indeed, it would probably have an indefinite life-span were it not for the fact that, at some point in millennial time, extensively-cultivated spirit would detach itself from the brain and soar heavenwards.


49.†† Until technology has been developed to a stage where the old brain (subconscious) can be removed from the new brain (superconscious), I foresee the necessity of synthetic hallucinogens (like LSD) being used to protect the latter from the sensuous influence of the former.


50.†† The lower mystical experience of artificially-induced visionary projections would have to precede the higher one of concentrated self-contemplation, or absorption in the light of superconscious mind.


51.†† To live wholly in the superconscious would be to live beyond egocentric reference to the personal self.It would be a prelude, on the individual plane, to the mass absorption of spirit into the Omega Absolute.


52.†† To live wholly in the superconscious would be to live without a subconscious - in other words, to live with only a new brain.


53.†† By degrees, people will be led beyond egocentricity, of whichever description, to an entirely post-egocentric phase of evolution, in which the superconscious will be completely free of subconscious influence and thereby able to aspire exclusively towards transcendence.


54.†† Because we are still egocentric, or recipients of subconscious/superconscious compromise, we find it difficult to identify the self with superconscious mind.But one day we will be the superconscious, and consequently take such an identification for granted.


55.†† As yet, the 'I' of egocentric reference has more appeal to us than the higher self ... of the superconscious.This latter, when we finally come to identify with it, will dispose us against thinking in terms of 'I'.For we will be so absorbed in the superconscious ... as to be at one with it, and therefore indisposed to personal reference.


56.†† The 'I' of egocentric reference stems, on its subconscious side, from the diabolic competitive roots of life in the stars.Each star is a furious rival, competing, in isolation, with other stars for mastery over a variety of planets.But each star is also an 'it', because wholly sensual.There can be no 'I' before the dawning of ego in dualistic compromise.


57.†† As a rule, women are more prone to the 'I' than men, since of an ego under a greater degree of subconscious influence.


58.†† The more a man thinks in terms of 'we' rather than 'I' or 'they', the greater is the influence being exerted by the superconscious on his ego.


59.†† 'They' is especially appropriate to the pre-dualistic egocentricity of a preponderating subconscious influence, 'I' to the dualistic egocentricity of a subconscious/superconscious balance, and 'we' to the post-dualistic egocentricity of a preponderating superconscious influence.


60.†† In the wholly superconscious phase of evolution, however, there will be neither 'I' nor 'we' but absorption in 'it' - the personal 'it', firstly, of one's individual superconscious, leading, via transcendence, to the transpersonal 'it' of collective absorption in the supreme being of the Holy Spirit.


61.†† Being of a supreme order - that is the essential meaning of the Supreme Being as I conceive of it, which is to say, in noumenal rather than phenomenal terms.


62.†† The highest art is ever an attempt to approximate the mind to a state of being which transcends egocentric selfhood.


63.†† Even the greatest art, insofar as it manifests in appearances and enters consciousness from without, is strictly limited in the extent to which it can provoke upward self-transcendence.


64.†† The internal stimulus of mind-expanding drugs is far more efficacious in facilitating upward self-transcendence than the external stimulus of art, for the simple reason that it acts directly upon the psyche from inside rather than indirectly ... from outside.


65.†† Art is the paradoxical employment of symbolic or beautiful appearances, in materialism, to facilitate the cultivation of essence, in spirit, and is accordingly strictly limited in scope.


66.†† Only by directly affecting the mind from within, through synthetic drugs, can greater degrees (in relation to art) of upward self-transcendence be achieved.


67.†† The more men develop essence, the less they can have to do with appearance.From dependence on beautiful appearances in art, men will gravitate to the much higher contemplation of the beauty within themselves, as set free by synthetic stimulants.


68.†† As evolution progresses, so man will free himself from the sensuous influence of natural drugs by subscribing to their gradual curtailment.


69.†† Tomorrow's world won't be one to encourage the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, tea, cannabis, or any of the stronger natural drugs (narcotics) which, by their very sensuous nature, appeal to the subconscious.Tomorrow's world will be geared to the superconscious, and thus only to artificial drugs (synthetic hallucinogens).


70.†† The higher the civilization or stage of evolution, the more the artificial prevails in life.


71.†† The most complete artificiality of the highest civilization will ultimately free man from nature altogether, enabling his extensively-cultivated spirit to break away, in a rush of ultimate deliverance, from the last vestiges of the brain and so become supernatural.


72.†† The supernatural will be formless but probably very extensive, considering that it will be compounded of all the spirit throughout the Universe which was capable of transcendence.


73.†† That evolution progresses approximately apace throughout the Universe ... is a more credible hypothesis, in my view, than one suggesting the contrary.


74.†† Just as an advanced world is one in which both inhabitants and geographical areas are universally known, so, I contend, would an advanced universe be one in which both inhabitants and planets were universally known.Such an advanced universe isn't within human range at present, however.


75.†† The converse of a gradual contraction of the natural world, both on a planetary and a cosmic scale, is the gradual expansion of the spiritual one in the realm of human life.Thus the Universe expands spiritually while contracting physically - just like a human being.


76.†† An indefinite expansion of spirit throughout the Universe is the prime condition of evolutionary progress.Man will expand spiritually into God, and the Holy Spirit expand in the void of limitless space.


77.†† The Universe will never be perfect so long as a single star remains.


78.†† Human evolution tends to the gradual perfection not only of the world (a relative perfection) but, ultimately, of the entire universe.


79.†† When there is nothing but a unified clear light of pure spirit in existence, then and only then will the Universe be perfect, and the goal of evolution accordingly have been achieved.


80.†† It is more probable that 'globes' of transcendent spirit from one part of the Universe will gradually converge towards and expand into similar 'globes' of it from other parts, than simply achieve an outright centralized unity in the Universe immediately following transcendence.


81.†† Thus one may speculate that the journey towards ultimate spiritual unity will happen by degrees even on the transcendent plane, given the spatial immensity of the Universe.


82.†† Now if this were so, then the supreme being ... of the Omega Point (de Chardin) would only be established when all separate 'globes' of spirit throughout the Universe had converged towards one another and achieved an indivisible unity.


83.†† This unity, however, would continue to expand in accordance with the blissful condition of ultimate being, so that the Universe slowly became increasingly perfect, ever more filled, so to speak, with the divine presence alone.


84.†† From the Primal Creator to the Ultimate Creation - evolution as a journey from the stellar Almighty to the spiritual Supreme Being, which is still a long way from completion at present.


85.†† Nevertheless we can console ourselves in the knowledge that we are closer to the divine climax of evolution than any previous generation has ever been.We may not yet have arrived at the best, but we are certainly over the worst.For the worst is subservience to nature, including cosmic pantheism, and we are slowly becoming its master.


86.†† We will eventually cease being dependent on sensuous food and, with the assistance of advanced technology, exclusively dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of spiritual food.


87.†† Elevated to so many static units of potential transcendence, we will be free of crops and animals and all the other natural offspring of the infernal creative force.


88.†† To throw off our natural chains and embrace the freedom of transcendentalism - that is the chief raison d'Ítre of progressive man!


89.†† The higher spiritual men aren't ones to spend too much time in the company of females.Rather, it is the lower physical males who tend to be the slaves of women, victims of both their sensual dominance and physical beauty.


90.†† These maxims are like intellectual mirrors in which the reader may perceive his mental self reflected back at him according to his opinion of them.


91.†† Politics isn't the only sphere of life in which reactionaries can be found.There are also religious reactionaries, social reactionaries, sexual reactionaries, aesthetic reactionaries, scientific reactionaries, gastronomic reactionaries ... indeed, reactionaries in virtually every sphere of life.And, as reactionaries, they approximate to 'the chaff' rather than to 'the wheat'.


92.†† The business of temporal judgements en route to the millennial Beyond ... is to divide 'the chaff' from 'the wheat' and vanquish them as enemies of progress.


93.†† The twentieth century corresponds, in a manner of speaking, to the Age of the Last Judgement, in which 'chaff' are all the time being divided from 'wheat' in the interests of evolutionary progress.


94.†† The 'Second Coming' corresponds not to the literal return of Christ (who died 2000 years ago in the Middle East), but to the advent of an ultimate messiah whose task is to expound and further post-dualistic religion.


95.†† The 'Second Coming' has reference to the arrival of a new spiritual leader to take over from where the old one(s) left off, and thereby signify the continuation of religious evolution on a higher plane - namely the plane of post-dualistic transcendentalism.


96.†† The ultimate messiah doesn't speak in terms of man but in terms of God.He is beyond anthropomorphism and therefore can't be personally worshipped as God, since all worship indicates subservience to the given, whereas he is only interested in furthering the becoming until it achieves total being.


97.†† But if he is beyond dualistic idolatry, and implacably opposed to alpha fundamentalism, he is for transcendental liberation, and would have men aspire towards the goal of pure spirit through spiritual self-realization as a matter of course.


98.†† He points the way towards the Omega Absolute, which will ultimately reside, beyond the post-human millennium, in the transcendental Beyond, the Beyond-of-Beyonds set not on earth but in space, and thus beyond any 'heaven on earth' to which the combined efforts of social and religious progress should be directed.