Debunking Space and Time.  Philosophers speak glibly of space and time, as though they 'hung together' when, in point of fact, space only prevails over antitime and, conversely, time over antispace at what transpire to being the northwest and northeast points of the intercardinal axial compass.  They also talk as though space and time was all there was, not realizing that volume and mass also have to be added to space and time if the full complement of axial factors is to be accounted for.  Like their noumenal counterparts, however, volume and mass do not 'hang together', but only volume and antimass at the southwest and mass and antivolume at the southeast points of the said compass, where they are, of course, axially - and therefore ethnically - incompatible.  All this I have shown, and it owes nothing whatsoever to the so-called professional philosophers and their chairs of academic convention.