Debunking God and the Devil.  Parallel to the above (previous aphorism), one cannot speak of God and the Devil 'hanging together' but only, in space and antitime, of the Devil and Antigod, meaning, where the respective modes of female-dominated free soma are concerned, Devil the Mother hyped as God and the Antison of Antigod 'done down' as the Devil, together, where the respective modes of correlative bound psyche are concerned, with the Daughter of the Devil and Antigod the Antifather.  But all that is only germane to the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass where metachemistry prevails over antimetaphysics.  Across at the northeast point of the said compass one would find God and the Antidevil, meaning God the Father (free psyche) and the Son of God (bound soma) coupled to the Antidaughter of the Antidevil (free psyche) and Antidevil the Antimother (bound soma) in what transpires to being a metaphysical hegemony over antimetachemistry, the axial antithesis, in other words, of everything metachemical and antimetaphysical.