Debunking Man and Woman.  Likewise, where the phenomenal positions are concerned, one cannot speak of Man and Woman 'hanging together' but only, in volume and antimass, of Woman and Antiman, meaning, where the respective modes of female-dominated free soma are concerned, Woman the Mother (often hyped as Mother of God) and the Antison of Antiman (often 'done down'  from a properly Antichristic status as Christ Child) together, where the respective modes of correlative bound psyche are concerned, with the Daughter of Woman and Antiman the Antifather. But all that is only germane to the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass where chemistry prevails over antiphysics.  Across at the southeast point of the said compass one would find Man and Antiwoman, meaning Man the Father (free psyche) and the Son of Man (bound soma) coupled to the Antidaughter of Antiwoman (free psyche) and Antiwoman the Antimother (bound soma) in what transpires to being a physical hegemony over antichemistry, a hegemony, however, which, being equivocal, is subject to emphatic subversion in favour of soma in relation to the overall dominance of metachemistry on state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial terms.