Turning Somersaults Intellectually.  Intellect has a tendency to turn somersaults every so often and will continue to do so until a position, a problem, a theory, has been definitively nailed because comprehensively understood.  To say that you can never get to the truth in respect of a definitive understanding would be mistaken; it can be achieved, but it takes time, and many times you will think you've got there when, in point of fact, you are still in the process of getting there or may even have 'done an intellectual somersault' and gone backwards towards error, assuming it is not one of those more desirable ones that leads you forward towards truth.  Be that as it may, my philosophy was built on the premise of evaluating and revaluating as a methodology of gradually refining upon and gaining a more comprehensive grasp of problems which, by their very nature, defy easy solutions.  I think, on balance, I have been vindicated, although I am aware that, these days, I am more concerned with transvaluating than with either evaluating or revaluating, much as I continue to detest devaluating, its alpha counterpart, as a manifestation of the diabolic.  But I continue to revaluate nonetheless, and have done so again recently, as the following aphorisms will confirm.