Revaluating Brollies and Hoods.  Since I have become habituated to revaluating my philosophical positions or presumptions over the years, I shall not shirk the task before me now, even though I wish I had got it right the last time, when I reversed what I now discover to have been an older and probably truer theory of the relationship between brollies and hoods.  A theory, I mean, which, stretching all the way back to Elemental Spectra (1988) put brollies in the sensual alpha and hoods in the sensible omega, thereby effectively maintaining a gender-conditioned dichotomy between the centrifugal and the centripetal, or that which, being devolutionary, should be evaluated from the top down and, conversely, that which, being evolutionary, should only be evaluated from the bottom up.  Brollies, it seems to me, fall into the former category and hoods, by contrast, into the latter one, since brollies are more often than not de-centralist and hoods an exemplification of centro-complexification.  Therefore brollies are alpha-stemming and hoods omega-orientated.  That, it seems to me, is incontrovertibly true and should therefore form the basis of any further inquiry into the distinctions between these two methods or manners of furnishing protection against elemental inclemencies.