Brollies and Hoods That is the Question. Some people are only given to brollies and others only to hoods, while yet others often veer between the two options depending on circumstances or mood.  Sometimes pragmatism can override even the fiercest loyalty to one thing or another.  But even if an alternation between brollies and hoods could be construed as more dynamically amoral than either immoral or moral, it nevertheless is generally the case that phenomenal brollies and hoods, appertaining to worldly relativity, will be comparatively amoral anyway when contrasted with their noumenal counterparts in the more absolute realms of metachemistry and metaphysics above.  For if there is an immoral/moral distinction between brollies and hoods, centrifugal and centripetal, devolution and evolution, it is one that has greater relevance to the noumenal realm than to the phenomenal where, by contrast, a sort of biased amorality of either collapsible umbrellas or fold-in hoods will be the relativistic norm.