Brollies and Hoods ‘hang together’ Everywhere.  One thing I am convinced about is that it isn't just, except on very general terms, a brolly vis-ŕ-vis hood dichotomy that is alpha and omega, sensuality and sensibility, female and male.  Wherever there is a hegemonic brolly, as, so I have contended, in metachemistry (absolute) and chemistry (relative), there is an upended, or compromised, hooded jacket, as in antimetaphysics (absolute) and antiphysics (relative).  Conversely, wherever a hegemonic hooded jacket obtains, as, so I contend, in physics (relative) and metaphysics (absolute), there will be an upended, or compromised, brolly, be it antichemical (relative) or antimetachemical (absolute).  Thinking only in single gender terms is misleading and ultimately false.  The genders hang together in whatever permutation, as much as the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass as at the northwest, and as much at the southeast as at the southwest.  Only mental laziness or overt gender partisanship precludes us from seeing that fact.