A Revaluation of Saluting Options.  I believe I made the point in the past that the masses are generally bound, whether to psyche or to soma (depending on the axis), and the elites comparatively free, whether in relation to soma (metachemistry) or to psyche (metaphysics), since freedom below would, given the numbers involved, prove somewhat problematic, and axial sense, meaning continuity and consistency, has always seen to it that the masses, for all their pretensions of freedom, are primarily bound.  But this can - and often does - translate into a clenched-fist saluting scenario which necessarily contrasts with anything open-handed in either metachemical (straight arm) or metaphysical (curved arm) fashion, since the bound, whether as working class or even traditional victims of imperial exploitation and/or colonization, will tend to favour a correlative mode of saluting that reflects their binding, no matter how unconsciously, whereas the free, whether as aristocrats or theocrats, will tend, by contrast, to favour a mode of saluting in keeping with their freedom, which generally means an open hand.  Therefore, as far as I am aware, there is nothing necessarily male about clenched-fist saluting and nothing necessarily female about open-hand saluting.  People salute according to their class or ethnic dispositions, and this cuts across gender.