Sports Parallels to Saluting Alternatives.  Just as I spoke the other day about the binding of the masses to clenched-fist saluting being below anything properly free and open-handed, pretty much as a corporeal contrast, whether at the southwest or southeast points of the intercardinal axial compass, to the ethereal bias of the northwest or northeast points of the said compass, so sport can reflect this dichotomy between 'the bound' and 'the free', the round ball of both Gaelic and Association football contrasting, as a clenched-fist parallel one could argue, with the elongated ball of both rugby and gridiron, or American so-called football, this latter capable of being played indoors and contrasting, in that context, with rugby as northeast with northwest points of the said intercardinal axial compass, as though in metaphysical repudiation of anything metachemical, with a greater emphasis, in consequence, on points between the uprights than on any try-like exemplification of somatic license.  However that may be, the competitive games of 'the free' will necessarily favour an elongated ball effectively complementary to open-hand saluting, and will therefore have a noumenal correlation which sets them apart from anything favouring a round ball in the relativity of phenomenal binding, the sort of binding that can and often does translate into the clenched-fist saluting of the more militant or radical 'bound'.  But this is no desirable alternative to freedom, neither in bound-psychic straight arm nor in bound-somatic bent arm fashion.  The challenge for global civilization to come will be to save and counter-damn, according to gender, those at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass to the northeast on what would be church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial terms, and thus effectively overcome Gaelic football by that which would be destined, with Social Theocracy, to replace hurling or anything else more representatively Catholic - namely an indoor version of Gridiron as the sport most correlative with all that is metaphysical and antimetachemical in the utmost synthetic artificiality of an orientation towards psychic freedom.  For the Catholic status quo is not, needless to say, of any relevance to Social Theocracy except insofar as it provides an axial blueprint for church-hegemonic/state-subordinate criteria that can be resurrected on suitably global, and thus profoundly synthetically artificial, terms.  Anything rooted, as hurling indubitably is, in Devil the Mother hyped as God (the Father) will only constrain those whom it dominates to Catholic, and hence, Western criteria.  Like the East, the West is no guarantor of global civilization!  Only the global can fight to extend and consolidate global gains, and such people, as I say, will more likely favour a modified form of Gridiron than anything likely to perpetuate the Catholic status quo at the expense of more radical orders of deliverance from worldly phenomenality.  They will also, it follows from the above, favour the raised arm form of open-hand saluting, in keeping with their psychic bias, and will distance themselves from anything likely, in bent-arm open-hand fashion, to connote with metachemical devility, whether in sporting or any other context.  For theirs is the high order of freedom, and such freedom, being psychic, can only be exemplified or symbolized in terms of a raised arm.