Contrasting the Southwest with the Southeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass.  To contrast the electronic motion and antineutronic antiforce of the chemical and antiphysical southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass with the neutronic force and anti-electronic antimotion of the physical and antichemical southeast point of the said compass, as one would contrast the Slough of Despond and the Anti-Delectable Mountains with the Delectable Mountains and the Anti-Slough of Despond or, in elemental parlance, water and anti-earth with earth and antiwater, the former pair corresponding to Woman (Woman the Mother/the Daughter of Woman hyped as Mother of God) and Antiman (the Antison of Antiman/Antiman the Antifather 'done down' as Pan-like sinner), the latter pair corresponding, by contrast, to Man (Man the Father/the Son of Man) and Antiwoman (the Antidaughter of Antiwoman/Antiwoman the Antimother) across the phenomenal divide.