Another Way to contrast the Northwest with the Northeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass.  To contrast the netherwordly upperclassfulness and anti-otherworldly anticlasslessness of the metachemical and antimetaphysical northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass with the otherworldly classlessness and anti-netherworldly anti-upperclassfulness of the metaphysical and antimetachemical northeast point of the said compass, as one would contrast pitchful space (spatial) and antirhythmic antitime (sequential) with rhythmic time (repetitive) and antipitchful antispace (spaced) or, in subatomic parlance, protons and antiphotons with photons and antiprotons, the former pair corresponding to Hell (Hell the Clear Spirit/the Clear Soul of Hell hyped as Heaven) and Antiheaven (the Unholy Spirit of Antiheaven/Antiheaven the Unholy Soul 'done down' as Hell), the latter pair corresponding, by contrast, to Heaven (Heaven the Holy Soul/the Holy Spirit of Heaven) and Antihell (the Unclear Soul of Antihell/Antihell the Unclear Spirit) across the noumenal divide.