Another Way to contrast the Southwest with the Southeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass.  To contrast the alphawordly lower-classfulness and anti-omegaworldly anti-middleclassfulness of the chemical and antiphysical southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass with the omegaworldly middleclassfulness and anti-alphaworldly anti-lowerclassfulness of the physical and antichemical southeast point of the said compass, as one would contrast melodic volume (volumetric) and antiharmonic antimass (massed) with harmonic mass (massive) and antimelodic antivolume (voluminous) or, in subatomic parlance, electrons and antineutrons with neutrons and anti-electrons, the former pair corresponding to Purgatory (Purgatory the Clear Spirit/the Clear Soul of Purgatory) and Anti-earth (the Unholy Spirit of Anti-earth/Anti-earth the Unholy Soul), the latter pair corresponding, by contrast, to Earth (Earth the Holy Soul/the Holy Spirit of Earth) and Antipurgatory (the Unclear Soul of Antipurgatory/Antipurgatory the Unclear Spirit) across the phenomenal divide.