Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Metachemistry over Antimetaphysics.  This is what appertains, in unequivocally hegemonic vein, to the metachemical position over antimetaphysics at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, where an absolute vacuum is completely ascendant over an absolute antiplenum: heat over antilight, protons over antiphotons, space over antitime, will over antisoul, noumenal objectivity over noumenal anti-subjectivity, Vanity Fair over the Anti-Celestial City, Devil (as Devil the Mother/the Daughter of the Devil) over Antigod (as the Antison of Antigod/Antigod the Antifather), Hell (as Hell the Clear Spirit/the Clear Soul of Hell) over Antiheaven (as the Unholy Spirit of Antiheaven/Antiheaven the Unholy Soul), musical pitch over musical antirhythm, beauty and love in free soma coupled to ugliness and hatred in bound psyche over anti-illusion (pseudo-truth) and antiwoe (pseudo-joy) in free soma coupled to antitruth (pseudo-illusion) and antijoy (pseudo-woe) in bound psyche, evil over pseudo-folly in free soma, crime over pseudo-sin in bound psyche, superheathen supernaturalism over anti-superchristian anti-supernurturalism (anti-superartificiality), superbarbarism in free soma and superphilistinism in bound psyche over anti-supercivility in free soma and anti-superculture in bound psyche, vanity over pseudo-meekness, elemental particles over elemental antiwavicles, fire over anti-air, absolute somatic freedom over absolute psychic binding, state-hegemonic brightness in free soma over church-subordinate darkness in bound psyche, female superfeminity over antimale anti-supermasculinity, centrifugal squares (absolute rectilinear rings) over anti-centripetal circles (absolute curvilinear rings), upperclassfulness over anti-classlessness, materialism over anti-idealism in free soma, fundamentalism over anti-transcendentalism in bound psyche, and so on.