Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Chemistry over Antiphysics.  This is what appertains, in equivocally hegemonic vein (and therefore subject to emphatic subversion by the phenomenal under-plane element at the behest of the gender-corresponding noumenal over-plane element), to the chemical position over antiphysics at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, where a relative vacuum is partially ascendant over a relative antiplenum: motion over antiforce, electrons over antineutrons, volume over antimass, spirit over anti-ego, phenomenal objectivity over phenomenal anti-subjectivity, the Slough of Despond over the Anti-Delectable Mountains, Woman (as Woman the Mother/the Daughter of Woman) over Antiman (as the Antison of Antiman/Antiman the Antifather), Purgatory (as Purgatory the Clear Spirit/the Clear Soul of Purgatory) over Anti-earth (as the Unholy Spirit of Anti-earth/Anti-earth the Unholy Soul), musical melody over musical antiharmony, strength and pride in free soma coupled to weakness and humility (if not humiliation) in bound psyche over anti-ignorance (pseudo-knowledge) and antipain (pseudo-pleasure) in free soma coupled to antiknowledge (pseudo-ignorance) and antipleasure (pseudo-pain) in bound psyche, pseudo-evil over folly in free soma, pseudo-crime over sin in bound psyche, heathen naturalism over antichristian antinurturalism, barbarism in free soma and philistinism in bound psyche over anticivility in free soma and anticulture in bound psyche, pseudo-vanity over meekness, molecular particles over molecular antiwavicles, water over anti-earth, relative somatic freedom over relative psychic binding, state-hegemonic or rather, with emphatic subversion, state-subordinate brightness in free soma over church-hegemonic darkness in bound psyche, female femininity over antimale antimasculinity, centrifugal rectangles (relative rectilinear rings) over anticentripetal ellipses (relative curvilinear rings), lowerclassfulness over anti-middleclassfulness, realism over antinaturalism in free soma, nonconformism over antihumanism in bound psyche, and so on.