Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Physics over Antichemistry.  This is what appertains, in equivocally hegemonic vein (and therefore subject to emphatic subversion by the phenomenal lower-plane element at the behest of the gender-corresponding noumenal upper-plane element) to the physical position over antichemistry at the southeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, where a relative plenum is partially ascendant over a relative antivacuum: force over antimotion, neutrons over anti-electrons, mass over antivolume, ego over antispirit, phenomenal subjectivity over phenomenal anti-objectivity, the Delectable Mountains over the Anti-Slough of Despond, Man (as Man the Father/the Son of Man) over Antiwoman (as the Antidaughter of Antiwoman/Antiwoman the Antimother), Earth (as Earth the Holy Soul/the Holy Spirit of Earth) over Antipurgatory (as the Unclear Soul of Antipurgatory/Antipurgatory the Unclear Spirit), musical harmony over musical antimelody, knowledge and pleasure in free psyche coupled to ignorance and pain in bound soma over antiweakness (pseudo-strength) and antihumility (pseudo-pride) in free psyche coupled to antistrength (pseudo-weakness) and antipride (pseudo-humility) in bound soma, pseudo-grace over punishment in free psyche, pseudo-wisdom over goodness in bound soma, christian nurturalism (artificiality) over antiheathen antinaturalism, culture in free psyche and civility in bound soma over antiphilistinism in free psyche and antibarbarism in bound soma, pseudo-righteousness over justice, molecular wavicles over molecular antiparticles, earth over antiwater, relative psychic freedom over relative somatic binding, church-hegemonic or rather, with emphatic subversion, church-subordinate brightness in free psyche over state-hegemonic darkness in bound soma, male masculinity over antifemale antifemininity, centripetal ovals (relative curvilinear badges) over anticentrifugal rectangles (relative rectilinear badges), middleclassfulness over anti-lowerclassfulness, humanism over antinonconformism in free psyche, naturalism over antirealism in bound soma, and so on.