Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Metaphysics over Antimetachemistry.  This is what appertains, in unequivocally hegemonic vein, to the metaphysical position over antimetachemistry at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass where an absolute plenum is completely ascendant over an absolute antivacuum: light over antiheat, photons over antiprotons, time over antispace, soul over antiwill, noumenal subjectivity over noumenal anti-objectivity, the Celestial City over Anti-Vanity Fair, God (as God the Father/the Son of God) over Antidevil (as the Antidaughter of Antidevil/Antidevil the Antimother), Heaven (as Heaven the Holy Soul/the Holy Spirit of Heaven) over Antihell (as the Unclear Soul of Antihell/Antihell the Unclear Spirit), musical rhythm over musical antipitch, truth and joy in free psyche coupled to illusion and woe in bound soma over anti-ugliness (pseudo-beauty) and antihatred (pseudo-love) in free psyche coupled to antibeauty (pseudo-ugliness) and antilove (pseudo-hatred) in bound soma, grace over pseudo-punishment in free psyche, wisdom over pseudo-goodness in bound soma, superchristian supernurturalism (superartificiality) over anti-superheathen anti-supernaturalism, superculture in free psyche and supercivility in bound soma over anti-superphilistinism in free psyche and anti-superbarbarism in bound soma, righteousness over pseudo-justice, elemental wavicles over elemental antiparticles, air over antifire, absolute psychic freedom over absolute somatic binding, church-hegemonic brightness in free psyche over state-subordinate darkness in bound soma, supermale supermasculinity over anti-superfemale anti-superfemininity, centripetal circles (absolute curvilinear badges) over anticentrifugal squares (absolute rectilinear badges), classlessness over anti-upperclassfulness, transcendentalism over antifundamentalism in free psyche, idealism over antimaterialism in bound soma, and so on.