A Final Look at Hoods and Brollies.  Paradoxical subversions aside, we now have what I believe to be a correct template from which to extrapolate parallel theories concerning rings and badges on both noumenal and phenomenal planes, the former absolute and the latter relative.  Let us re-examine hoods and brollies in this light.  Is it not the case that hoods are the product of a vacuous precondition in ring-like vein, which somewhat contrasts with the badge-like plenum of umbrellas, the support and/or stem of which confirms a degree of centralization within the overall mechanism that is rather more phallic than vaginal in character.  Therefore, in broad terms, hoods will appertain to the northwest and southwest points of the intercardinal axial compass and brollies, by contrast, to the southeast and northeast points, as though in a distinction, overall, between sensuality and sensibility, alpha and omega, vacuums and plenums, vaginal and phallic antitheses.  The noumenal/phenomenal distinction between the two gender options, however, will be based on an absolute/relative differential, and therefore have to do, again in broad terms, with an overriding distinction between freedom and binding.  Free are the absolute antitheses of non-collapsible hoods and non-collapsible brollies.  Bound are the relative antitheses between collapsible hoods and collapsible brollies.  The former antitheses have to do with squares and circles, as also with anti-circles (circles within squares) and anti-squares (squares within circles), the latter antitheses to do with rectangles and ellipses, as also with anti-ellipses (ellipses within or under rectangles) and anti-rectangles (rectangles within or under ellipses), notwithstanding the part played by axial subversion.  Therefore a noumenal alpha/omega antithesis between non-collapsible hoods and non-collapsible brollies has to be contrasted with a phenomenal alpha/omega antithesis between collapsible hoods and collapsible brollies, and each of these in turn distinguished from anti-omega/anti-alpha antitheses, according to gender, on both noumenal and phenomenal terms.  For it seems to me that what 'hangs together' at any given point of the intercardinal axial compass will be correlative in terms of its somatic/psychic disposition under a given gender hegemony, and that we can therefore infer types of hoods and brollies on both noumenal and phenomenal, absolute and relative, terms which reflect the gender differential of either circles within squares and squares within circles on the one hand, that of the noumenal antitheses, or of ellipses within rectangles or rectangles within ellipses on the other hand, that of the phenomenal antitheses.  This is not something that I here wish to elaborate on, but suffice it to say that there will, in general terms, be male and female differentials to each type of hood and/or brolly which 'hang together' at any given point of the intercardinal axial compass in an apparent (sensual) or seeming (sensible) complementarity.