Other Parallels to Hoods and Brollies. What can be said of hoods and brollies can also be said, it seems to me, of, say, cans and bottles, the former more ringful than badgeful, not least in the ring-like opening mechanism, and the latter, with their corks or caps requiring corkscrews, etc., more badgeful than ringful, a similar noumenal/phenomenal distinction applying between the free and the bound, the absolute and the relative, which can imply size differentials but must also take into account the mode of packaging and/or presentation of the respective approaches to the containment of liquid.  Certainly, I would have no problem now, with our new and final template, in equating cans with the sensual/anti-sensible options at the northwest and southwest points of the intercardinal axial compass and bottles with the sensible/anti-sensual options at the southeast and northeast points of the said compass, since the parallel with hoods and brollies notwithstanding there are also saluting parallels that leap to mind in respect of clenched-fist vis--vis open-hand antitheses, the former ringful and the product, I contend, of a female hegemonic precondition, the latter badgeful and the product, no less, of a male hegemonic precondition which owes more to plenumous subjectivity than ever it does to anything objectively vacuous.  Therefore no less than cans and bottles constitute a division between alpha/anti-omega and omega/anti-alpha on both noumenal (free absolute) and phenomenal (bound relative) terms, so do these alternative types of saluting, whereby the clenched fist is symptomatic of a ringful vacuum and the extended hand the product, by contrast, of a badgeful plenum, the fruit, so to speak, of male hegemonic criteria in both physics over antichemistry (phenomenal) and metaphysics over antimetachemistry (noumenal) at the southeast and northeast points of the intercardinal axial compass.  Doubtless some parallel to tall or large vis--vis short or small can/bottle and/or hood/brolly distinctions between the noumenal and phenomenal modes of saluting can be inferred, and I wager that the noumenal will always be on a raised arm and the phenomenal, being relative, on a bent arm, whether in terms of a clenched fist or an extended hand, and irrespective of - though with due consideration for - gender differentials between each of the four main intercardinal options.  Hence the raised arm extended-hand salute must absolutely contrast with the raised arm clenched-fist salute ... as non-collapsible brollies with non-collapsible hoods, or large bottles with large cans, the bent arm extended-hand salute (conventional military) relatively contrasting with the bent arm clenched-fist salute ... as collapsible brollies with collapsible hoods, or small bottles with small cans, each of which will be subject to gender differentiation irrespective of element or class.