Metachemical and Antimetaphysical Brightness and Shadow.  The distinction between brightness and darkness or, let us say, shadow, which I have made recently - see earlier essays - with regard to freedom and binding is obviously more than singular in character, since there are a number of positions, both male and female, on the intercardinal axial compass which are both free and bound, whether with respect to soma being free and psyche bound or, on the other - and male-dominated - hand, to the binding of soma to psyche.  Hence distinctions between metachemistry and antimetaphysics, where under female hegemonic criteria, soma is free and psyche bound, permit of a parallel with heat over antilight, which is equivalent to the brightness of metachemical free soma (evil) and the shadow of metachemical bound soma (crime) over the brightness of antimetaphysical free soma (pseudo-folly) and the shadow of antimetaphysical bound psyche (pseudo-sin), the former options corresponding to spatial and the latter options to sequential modes of space and time (antitime), so that we have a parallel between heat and space on the one hand, and antilight and antitime on the other hand, whether with regard to brightness or to shadow, freedom or binding.