Examining Evil and Crime in Metachemistry as Contrary Expressions (Objective) of Vanity.  What is evil? Evil is the beauty and love of metachemical free soma, which is virtuously supreme in relation to superheathen positivity.  What, then, is crime?  Crime is the ugliness and hate of metachemical bound psyche, which is viciously primal in relation to superheathen negativity.  What, finally, is the ratio of evil to crime in metachemistry, a noumenally objective element?  The ratio of evil to crime in metachemistry is 3:1, that is, the ratio of particles to wavicles exists, within and as the characteristic of the absolutism of noumenal objectivity, on a 3:1 basis.  Consequently there is three times the likelihood, according to nature or, rather, supernature (metachemistry), of beauty and love as of ugliness and hate, even though the two modes of metachemistry, somatic and psychic, evil and criminal, are inextricably linked in the one element as contrary expressions of vanity, and hence of superheathen morality.