Examining Grace and Wisdom in Metaphysics as Contrary Impressions (Subjective) of Righteousness.  What is grace?  Grace is the truth and joy of metaphysical free psyche, which is virtuously supreme in relation to superchristian positivity.  What, then, is wisdom?  Wisdom is the illusion and woe of metaphysical bound soma, which is viciously primal in relation to superchristian negativity.  What, finally, is the ratio of grace to wisdom in metaphysics, a noumenally subjective element.  The ratio of grace to wisdom in metaphysics is 3:1, that is, the ratio of wavicles to particles exists, within and as the characteristic of the absolutism of noumenal subjectivity, on a 3:1 basis.  Consequently there is three times the likelihood, according to supernurture (metaphysics), of truth and joy as of illusion and woe, even though the two modes of metaphysics, psychic and somatic, graceful and wise, are inextricably linked in the one element as contrary impressions of righteousness, and hence of superchristian morality.