Examining Antigrace and Antiwisdom in Antimetaphysics as Contrary Anti-impressions (Antisubjective) of Pseudo-meekness.  Similarly what, in relation to pseudo-meekness, is antigrace?   Antigrace is the antitruth and antijoy (pseudo-illusion and pseudo-woe) of antimetaphysical bound psyche, which is antivirtuously (pseudo-viciously) primal in relation to antisuperchristian antipositivity (pseudo-sin).  What, then, is antiwisdomAntiwisdom is the anti-illusion and antiwoe (pseudo-truth and pseudo-joy) of antimetaphysical free soma, which is antiviciously (pseudo-virtuously) supreme in relation to antisuperchristian antinegativity (pseudo-folly).  What, finally, is the ratio of antigrace to antiwisdom in antimetaphysics, a noumenally antisubjective anti-element.  The ratio of antigrace to antiwisdom in antimetaphysics is 3:1, that is, the ratio of wavicles to particles exists, within and as the characteristic of the absolutism of noumenal antisubjectivity, on a 3:1 basis.  Consequently there is three times the likelihood, according to antisupernurture (antimetaphysics), of antigrace (pseudo-illusion and pseudo-woe) as of antiwisdom (pseudo-truth and pseudo-joy), even though the two modes of antimetaphysics, psychic and somatic, pseudo-sinful and pseudo-foolish, are inextricably linked in the one anti-element as contrary anti-impressions of pseudo-meekness, and hence of antisuperchristian antimorality.