Examining Antipseudo-evil and Antipseudo-crime in Antichemistry as Contrary Anti-expression (Anti-objective) of Justice. Contrariwise, what, in relation to justice, is antipseudo-evil?   Antipseudo-evil is the antistrength and antipride (pseudo-weakness and pseudo-humility) of antichemical bound soma, which is antivirtuously (pseudo-viciously) primal in relation to antiheathen antipositivity (goodness).  What, then, is antipseudo-crime?  Antipseudo-crime is the antiweakness and antihumility (pseudo-strength and pseudo-pride) of antichemical free psyche, which is antiviciously (pseudo-virtuously) supreme in relation to antiheathen antinegativity (punishment).  What, finally, is the ratio of antipseudo-evil to antipseudo-crime in antichemistry, a phenomenally anti-objective anti-element.  The ratio of antipseudo-evil to antipseudo-crime in antichemistry is 2:1, that is, the ratio of particles to wavicles exists, within and as the characteristic of the relativity of phenomenal anti-objectivity, on a 2:1 basis.  Consequently there is two-and-a-half times the likelihood, according to antinature (antichemistry), of antipseudo-evil (pseudo-weakness and pseudo-humility) as of antipseudo-crime (pseudo-strength and pseudo-pride), even though the two modes of antichemistry, somatic and psychic, good and punishing, are inextricably linked in the one anti-element as contrary anti-expressions of justice, and hence of antiheathen antipseudo-morality.