Metaphysical Holiness vis--vis Antimetachemical Pseudo-unclearness. The noumenal subjectivity in repetitive time (time per se) of metaphysics, the photonic element par excellence, is not pseudo-unclear (pseudo-unvain, or pseudo-just) but holy (righteous) in the transcendentalism of the graceful virtues of truth and joy and in the idealism of the wise vices of illusion and woe, the virtues epitomizing the free ego and soul of God the Father and Heaven the Holy Soul, the vices the bound will and spirit of the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of Heaven, in ratios of 3:1 parts wavicle to particle, psyche to soma, whereas, by contrast, the noumenal anti-objectivity in spaced space (antispace) of antimetachemistry, the anti-protonic anti-element par excellence, is not holy (righteous) but pseudo-unclear (pseudo-unvain, or pseudo-just) in the antifundamentalism-cum-pseudo-materialism of the pseudo-punishing pseudo-virtues of pseudo-beauty and pseudo-love (deriving from anti-ugliness and antihatred) and in the antimaterialism-cum-pseudo-fundamentalism of the pseudo-good pseudo-vices of pseudo-ugliness and pseudo-hatred (deriving from antibeauty and antilove), the pseudo-virtues epitomizing the free ego and soul of the Antidaughter of the Antidevil and the Unclear Soul of Antihell, the pseudo-vices the bound will and spirit of Antidevil the Antimother and Antihell the Unclear Spirit, in ratios of 1:3 parts wavicle to particle so that, in contrast to metaphysics, the emphasis on free psyche as opposed to bound soma is absolutely contrary to the antimetachemical grain and sufficient grounds, were due attention not granted by the metaphysical to binding soma, for anti-superheathen disillusionment with an unequivocally hegemonic superchristianistic control such that favours, in light over antiheat, the male at the expense of the female (as antifemale) who, unlike her gender counterpart, is not morally blessed with holiness in salvation but, rather, pseudo-immorally (negatively amorally) pseudo-cursed with pseudo-unclearness in pseudo-damnation.