The Superheathen/Subchristian Integrity of Metachemistry.  In the tradition of one bringing the various aspects of his philosophy into line with the principal elements of the intercardinal axial compass to which they appertain, I should like to bring to the metachemical distinction between supernaturalism and subnurturalism, so to speak, or, in alternative if equivalent terminology, supersensuousness and subconsciousness, a like distinction between superheathenism and subchristianity, deriving the former from a generic link with all things somatic and the latter from a generic link with all things psychic, so that a basic heathen/christian dichotomy could be inferred to indicate a distinction between body and mind, soma and psyche, with the more representative factors or aspects of each, whether 'super' or 'standard', very much conforming to an alpha/omega, sensual/sensible antithesis roughly compatible with gender opposition.  Hence rather than a simple ascription of superheathen to the metachemical elemental context, as before, I should like to reduce that to the somatic component, and allow for an identification of subchristianity with its psychic component, the former free and the latter bound, the former bright and the latter dark (in shadow), in accordance with the 3:1 ratio of soma to psyche which makes for a 'super'/'sub' distinction between the two aspects of metachemistry, an absolutely female element in which soma precedes and predominates over psyche in the manner described, with a contrast, in consequence, between superheathen life and subchristian death, the beauty and love of evil coupled to the ugliness and hate of crime in an elemental context that, being noumenally objective, is vain in its undamned and uncursed absolute clearness in relation to spatial heat.