The Christian/Unheathen Integrity of Physics. Similarly, I should like to bring to the physical distinction between nurturalism, so to speak, and unnaturalism, or, in alternative if equivalent terminology, consciousness and unsensuousness, a like distinction between christianity (in a narrowly puritan sense) and unheathenism.  Hence rather than a simple ascription of christian to the physical elemental context, as before, I should like to reduce that to the psychic component, and allow for an identification of unheathenism with its somatic component, the former free and the latter bound, the former bright and the latter dark, in accordance with the 2:1 ratio of psyche to soma which makes for a 'standard'/'unstandard' distinction between the two aspects of physics, a relatively male element in which psyche precedes and preponderates over soma in the manner described, with a contrast, in consequence, between christian life and unheathen death, the knowledge and pleasure of pseudo-grace coupled to the ignorance and pain of pseudo-wisdom in an elemental context that, being phenomenally subjective, is pseudo-righteous in its pseudo-saved (counter-saved) and pseudo-blessed (counter-blessed) relative holiness in relation to massive force.