The Anti-superchristian/Anti-subheathen Integrity of Antimetaphysics.  Again, in the tradition of one bringing the various aspects of his philosophy into line with the four anti-elements of the intercardinal axial compass to which they appertain, I should like to bring to the antimetaphysical distinction between anti-supernurturalism, so to speak, and anti-subnaturalism, or, in alternative if equivalent terminology, anti-superconsciousness and anti-subsensuousness, a like distinction between anti-superchristianity and anti-subheathenism (which transmute into pseudo-superchristian and pseudo-subheathen in relation to pseudo-metaphysics).  Hence rather than a simple ascription of anti-superchristian to the antimetaphysical anti-elemental context, as before, I should like to reduce that to the psychic component, and allow for an identification of anti-subheathenism with its somatic component, the former bound under metachemical hegemonic pressure and the latter free under such pressure, the former dark and the latter bright, in accordance with the 3:1 ratio of psyche to soma deriving from metaphysics which, under metachemical pressure, makes for an 'anti-super'/'anti-sub' distinction between the two aspects of antimetaphysics, an absolutely antimale anti-element in which psyche precedes and predominates over soma in the manner described, with a contrast, in consequence, between anti-superchristian-cum-pseudo-superchristian pseudo-death and anti-subheathen-cum-pseudo-subheathen pseudo-life, the pseudo-illusion and pseudo-woe of pseudo-wisdom coupled to the pseudo-truth and pseudo-joy of pseudo-grace in an anti-elemental-cum-pseudo-elemental context that, being anti-noumenally subjective (or noumenally anti-subjective), is pseudo-meek in its pseudo-unsaved (counter-unsaved) and pseudo-unblessed (counter-unblessed) absolute unholiness in relation to sequential light, or antilight.