The Anti-superheathen/Anti-subchristian Integrity of Antimetachemistry.  Finally, I should like to bring to the antimetachemical distinction between anti-supernaturalism and anti-subnurturalism, so to speak, or, in alternative if equivalent terminology, anti-supersensuousness and anti-subconsciousness, a like distinction between anti-superheathenism and anti-subchristianity (which transmute into pseudo-superheathen and pseudo-subchristian in relation to pseudo-metachemistry).  Hence rather than a simple ascription of anti-superheathen to the antimetachemical anti-elemental context, as before, I should like to reduce that to the somatic component, and allow for an identification of anti-subchristianity with its psychic component, the former bound under metaphysical hegemonic pressure and the latter free under such pressure, the former dark and the latter bright, in accordance with the 3:1 ratio of soma to psyche deriving from metachemistry which, under metaphysical pressure, makes for an 'anti-super'/'anti-sub' distinction between the two aspects of antimetachemistry, an absolutely antifemale anti-element in which soma precedes and predominates over psyche in the manner described, with a contrast, in consequence, between anti-superheathen-cum-pseudo-superheathen pseudo-death and anti-subchristian-cum-pseudo-subchristian pseudo-life, the pseudo-ugliness and pseudo-hate  of pseudo-goodness coupled to the pseudo-beauty and pseudo-love of pseudo-punishment in an anti-elemental-cum-pseudo-elemental context that, being anti-noumenally objective (or noumenally anti-objective), is pseudo-just in its pseudo-damned (counter-damned) and pseudo-cursed (counter-cursed) absolute unclearness in relation to spaced heat, or antiheat.



LONDON 2007–08 (Revised 2012)