Metaphysical Philosophy

As Revised Weblog Material

By John O’Loughlin


Copyright © 2012 John O’Loughlin





1. Contrasting the Noumenal Alpha of Superstars with the Noumenal Omega of Supercrosses

2. Contrasting the Phenomenal Alpha of Stars with the Phenomenal Omega of Crosses

3. Contrasting the Noumenal Anti-omega of Anti-supercrosses with the Noumenal Anti-alpha of Anti-superstars

4. Contrasting the Phenomenal Anti-omega of Anticrosses with the Phenomenal Anti-alpha of Antistars

5. Superstars and Anti-supercrosses

6. Stars and Anticrosses

7. Crosses and Antistars

8. Supercrosses and Anti-superstars

9. Debunking Space and Time

10. Debunking God and the Devil

11. Debunking Man and Woman

12. Turning Somersaults Intellectually

13. Revaluating Brollies and Hoods

14. Brollies or Hoods – That is the Question

15. Metachemical Umbrellas and Antimetaphysical Hoods

16. Chemical Umbrellas and Antiphysical Hoods

17. Physical Hoods and Antichemical Umbrellas

18. Metaphysical Hoods and Antimetachemical Umbrellas

19. Fold-in Hoods with Velcro

20. Brollies and Hoods hang together Everywhere

21. Synthetically Artificial Collapsibles

22. Phenomenal Extremism

23. Revaluation of Self and Not-self according to Gender

24. Defining Opposition in relation to Polar and Antithetical Alternatives

25. Oneness and Not-oneness Re-examined

26. A Revaluation of Saluting Options

27. Sports Parallels to Saluting Alternatives

28. A Revaluation of Hoods and Brollies in relation to Binding and Freedom

29. Of Cans and Bottles in relation to Binding and Freedom

30. A Comprehensive Examination of Axial Terminology

31. Contrasting the Northwest with the Northeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass

32. Contrasting the Southwest with the Southeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass

33. How Space contrasts with Time

34. How Volume contrasts with Mass

35. Another Way to contrast the Northwest with the Northeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass

36. Another Way to contrast the Southwest with the Southeast Points of the Intercardinal Axial Compass

37. Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Metachemistry over Antimetaphysics

38. Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Chemistry over Antiphysics

39. Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Physics over Antichemistry

40. Describing what appertains to the Hegemony of Metaphysics over Antimetachemistry

41. The Axial Relativity of Key Terms like Freedom and Supremacy

42. Qualifying Eternity and Infinity

43. Qualifying the Temporal and the Finite

44. Noumenal Rings and Badges

45. Phenomenal Rings and Badges

46. Paradoxically Subverted Realities of the Phenomenal Hegemonic Positions

47. A Final Look at Hoods and Brollies

48. Other Parallels to Hoods and Brollies

49. Metachemical and Antimetaphysical Brightness and Shadow

50. Chemical and Antiphysical Brightness and Shadow

51. Physical and Antichemical Brightness and Shadow

52. Metaphysical and Antimetachemical Brightness and Shadow

53. The Ratios of Soma to Psyche and Vice Versa

54. Class and Gender Differentials of Contrasting Ratios of Soma to Psyche and Vice Versa

55. Contrasting Noumenal Brightness with Darkness in both Metachemistry and Metaphysics

56. Contrasting Phenomenal Brightness with Darkness in both Chemistry and Physics

57. Examining Evil and Crime in Metachemistry as Contrary Expressions (Objective) of Vanity

58. Examining Pseudo-evil and Pseudo-crime in Chemistry as Contrary Expressions (Objective) of Pseudo-vanity

59. Examining Grace and Wisdom in Metaphysics as Contrary Impressions (Subjective) of Righteousness

60. Examining Pseudo-grace and Pseudo-wisdom in Physics as Contrary Impressions (Subjective) of Pseudo-righteousness

61. Examining Antipseudo-grace and Antipseudo-wisdom in Antiphysics as Contrary Anti-impressions (Antisubjective) of Meekness

62. Examining Antigrace and Antiwisdom in Antimetaphysics as Contrary Anti-Impressions (Antisubjective) of Pseudo-Meekness

63. Examining Antipseudo-evil and Antipseudo-crime in Antichemistry as Contrary Anti-expressions (Anti-objective) of Justice

64. Examining Anti-evil and Anticrime in Antimetachemistry as Contrary Anti-expressions (Anti-objective) of Pseudo-justice

65. Metachemical Cleanress vis-a-vis Antimetaphysical Pseudo-unholiness

66. Chemical Pseudo-clearness vis-à-vis Antiphysical Unholiness

67. Physical Pseudo-holiness vis-à-vis Antichemical Unclearness

68. Metaphysical Holiness vis-à-vis Antimetachemical Pseudo-unclearness

69. The Superheathen/Subchristian Integrity of Metachemistry

70. The Heathen/Unchristian Integrity of Chemistry

71. The Christian/Unheathen Integrity of Physics

72. The Superchristian/Subheathen integrity of Metaphysics

73. The Anti-superchristian/Anti-subheathen Integrity of Antimetaphysics

74. The Antichristian/Anti-unheathen Integrity of Antiphysics

75. The Antiheathen/Anti-unchristian Integrity of Antichemistry

76. The Anti-superheathen/Anti-subchristian Integrity of Antimetachemistry




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