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Philosophical Maxims by John O’Loughlin

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If the essayistic aphorisms and aphoristic essays of the so-called Omega Octet, Mr O’Loughlin’s eight volumes of ‘supernotes’ (available on the Internet in a variety of permutations, including two quartets), are of indeterminate length, then what follows here, dating from 1993, is of an aphoristic purism which allows for little or no deviation from the basic form.  One could say that he had passed through the heavy darkness into the full light(ness) of Truth at this point, and the result is a vindication not only of the aforementioned octet, but of his entire philosophical quest to-date.  Comprised of 707 maxims which have been given 'a/b' subdivisions, Maximum Truth succeeds in achieving, albeit on a still-far from definitive basis, the sort of metaphysical comprehensiveness  towards which John O’Loughlin had been struggling all along.  One could say that it signifies a refinement upon the aforementioned essayistic aphorisms and aphoristic essays of The Omega Octet; though the tendency to recycle ideas, by now a veritable principle of his work, persists here to even greater effect, insofar as it was this technique which made the subsequent attainment of what is in some respects a maximum degree of metaphysical truth truly possible. – A Centretruths editorial.



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