Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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Basing its thematic structure on John O'Loughlin's previous work, Yang and Anti-Yin (2004-5), this volume of aphoristic philosophy delves deeper into noumenal sensibility and its full gender and ideological implications, taking the biblical metaphors of 'lamb' and 'lion' to their ultimate conclusions in what becomes an exact parallel to the 'yang' and 'anti-yin' of our metaphysical and antimetachemical 'elemental' positions.  But these elements are also investigated in greater detail, and provide ample scope for the enhancement or clarification of certain terms, including those with other elemental affinities than that with which we are chiefly concerned here.  Thus a broadening-out from the central and core position of Mr O'Loughlin's philosophy is once again to the fore, and other positions are accordingly revaluated and modified in the light of his principal contentions.  Also modified, in this respect, are theories concerning life-after-death, which are now shown in a new light, not least in relation to his philosophy of history and the subdivisions which accrue to each of the three principal stages of civilization.  We think this is one of the factors which, in this text, has made it possible for the author to be tougher on the Catholic Church than ever before and to demonstrate, logically and rationally, that the destiny of globalization can only be independent of both Western and Eastern traditions, since the full-flowering of noumenal sensibility is beyond the scope of any tradition rooted in its noumenal antithesis, no matter how obliquely. – A Centretruths Editorial



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