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Philosophical Supernotes by John O’Loughlin

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Carrying on from where From Materialism to Idealism (1986) leaves off, this volume of supernotes, or loosely aphoristic material, is more intensely dichotomous than its predecessor, as it introduces to the fourfold structures already established the concept of devolutionary/evolutionary antitheses into historical development, coupling this to an investigation of certain key philosophers, including Schopenhauer, and contrasting his noumenal-phenomenal approach to philosophy with what John O’Loughlin has called a superphenomenal-supernoumenal one intended to illustrate the distinction between 'artificial' modernity and 'naturalistic' antiquity, the former of which bears witness to what Nietzsche would have called a ‘transvaluation of values’ to the extent that it would seem to be more omega-orientated than alpha-stemming.  In this respect, it could be said to reflect a contrast between philosophy, as traditionally practised by alpha-stemming thinkers like Schopenhauer, and a radical concept of and approach to theosophy, in which an evolutionary drive towards the omega of things is discernible, as was the case, to a certain extent, with the aforementioned ‘transvaluator of all values’, and we enter into a more exactingly metaphysical relationship with the pursuit of Truth. - A Centretruths editorial.



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